How to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

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You can travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya in Thailand by train, bus, minivan or taxi. Minivan is the fastes way to travel, there are minivans going to Ayutthaya every 15 minutes from Victory Monument. If you are looking for a taxi to Ayutthaya, we have the contact details of a reliable good English speaking taxi driver in Bangkok that can bring you to Ayutthaya. If you are intersted please contact us at


Public Bus from Bangkok to Ayutthaya


Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

Price: 65 baht


There are buses going from Bangkok Northern bus terminal to Ayutthaya. Depending traffic the trip to Ayutthaya will take you about 90 minutes. The price for a ticket is 65 baht and you can buy the tickets inside the terminal on the second floor. Buses go approximately every half hour from 05:00 till 20:00. (May 2013)


Bus from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

(The bus to Ayutthaya at the Northen Bus station)


Minivan from Bangkok to Ayutthaya


Duration: Approximately 75 minutes

Price: 60 baht


There are minibuses leaving almost every 15 minutes from Victory Monument in Bangkok to Ayutthaya. The minibus is the fastest kind of public transport from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.


Minivan stand from Bangkok to Ayutthaya at Victory Monument

(Minivan stand at for Ayutthaya at Victory Monument)


The minibus drops you at the main bus station in Ayutthaya. Check out the map on the Victory monument page to see where the minibus to Ayutthaya is situated. (updated April 2013)


Train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya


Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

Price: third class 15 baht


There are several trains a day from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. There are third class trains going roughly every hour from Hua Lampong station. It is a nice and relaxed way to get to the temple town of Ayutthaya.


There is also a possibility to use the express train that heads for Chiang Mai. You can buy tickets on the day of travel and you can only buy a ticket if the train is not occupied by long distance travelers.


Taxi from Bangkok to Ayutthaya


Duration: around 60 minutes

Price: 1800-2000 baht


You can also travel to Ayutthaya by taxi. A regular taxi on the street will probably ask around 1800 to 2000 baht.


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