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Australia is not only a country it is also a continent. The majority of the population lives in the big coastal cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The interior of the country is famous for its wide open spaces and natural wonders such as Ayers Rock.  The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the World




Fiji is an Archipelago with 333 Island in the Pacific Ocean, about 2000 kilometers North of New Zealand. The Islands are famous for its beaches and clear blue waters.


Fiji Islands Oceania - Travel Guide

(One of the Islands in the Fiji Archipelago)


New Zealand


New Zealand is all about natural beauty. There are two Islands, North and South Island. The biggest city in New Zealand is Auckland on North Island. As the Islands are quite isolated New Zealand was the last place on Earth where humans settled. Therefore it has a very distinctive nature.


Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is the Eastern halve of Guinea Island. The Western halve of the Island is part of Indonesia and is called Papua. The mainland is good for trekking and the Islands of the coast ideal for scuba diving.





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