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Curacao is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles. The city of Willemstad which is the biggest city in the Dutch Caribbean has a unique architecture. Here you will find the "Handelskade" with its typical Dutch style warehouses from the 17th century. The island has several bays with nice beaches.




Willemstad is the capital of Curacao. The city centre is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its distinctive architecture. Most building date from the Seventeenth century and have a typical Dutch flavor to them. Combined with bright Caribbean colors the Handelskade is a truly unique mix of Dutch and Caribbean styles. Willemstad is a major cruise ship destination.




Westpunt, or West Point is the Northwestern end of the island. If you rent a car it is a nice trip to drive to Westpunt as you pass some of the nicest beaches in Curacao such as Porto Marie and big and little Knip. There are also many plantation houses along the road. The village of Westpunt itself is very small and not very special.


Sunset at the St Michiels Bay in Curacao

(Sunset at the St Michielsbay on Curacao)


Christoffel National Park


Between Westpunt and Willemstad you will find the Christoffel national park. There are four hiking trails. You can climb the 370 meter high mount Christoffel from where you have good view of the rugged countryside. Close to the entrance of the Christoffel park you will find Boca Tabla. Boca Tabla is part of the rocky northern coast of Curacao. You will have spectacular views of t he Caribbean sea crashing into the island.


Sea Aquarium


The Curacao Sea Aquarium is an aquarium where you can enjoy the different species of underwater animals that can be found around the island. When the Aquarium was build in 1984 a long white sandy beach was created next to the premises. This is now the Sea Aquarium beach which is the most popular beach in Curacao. During the day you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing and at night you can go for a drink and dance at Mambo beach.


Jan Thiel


Jan Thiel is a bay with a nice beach on the Southeastern part of Curacao. There are several resorts in the Jan Thiel area. On the beach there is a popular bar called the Zanzibar.

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