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Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is a bilingual country; both English and French are official languages. Canada has many cities that all have their distinctive character.




Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The city is bilingual with many people speaking both English and French. One of the major attractions in the city is Parliament Hill. The city has many interesting museums.


The Château Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City Canada

(The Château Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City)




Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is English speaking. For a great view of the city you can visit the CN Tower, the second largest free standing structure in North America. The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the most important museums in Northern America.




Montreal is the biggest French speaking city in Canada. The city is filled with culture and history. Many tourists come to Montreal to visit Old Montreal, an area filled with historical homes and museums.




Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada. It can be considered the capital of the west. Vancouver is only 125 years old, most landmarks can be found in the center of the city.





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