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Belgium is literary at the centre of Europe. In fact its capital Brussels is the seat of many European government offices. The medieval cities of Ghent and Bruges should not to be missed.




France is the most popular touristic destination in the world and its capital Paris the most visited city on the globe. France offers culture, mountains and beaches.




Bavaria in Southern Germany with the main city Munich is a very popular touristic destination all year around. The Alps are popular for skiing. The capital Berlin and the port city of Hamburg are also popular destinations. Find hotels in Berlin or other cities in Germany, compare prices and book on time when you plan a visit to one of these destinations.




Italy is a country draped in history. When visiting cities like Rome, Florence and Venice you cannot help thinking that you are walking in a museum.


The Colosseum in Rome Italy Free travel guide, trip info and travel advice

(The Colosseum in Rome Italy)




The biggest attraction in the Netherlands is its capital Amsterdam. It is famous for its typical canals and Dutch style houses.




Romania in Eastern Europe offers mountains with the castle of Dracula and the Black Sea with beaches at Constanta. Bucharest is the biggest city and capital of the country.




Spain is the biggest sun destination in Europe. The coast and the major city Barcelona is packed with tourists all summer. At the centre of the country you will find the capital Madrid surrounded by great historical cities such as Segovia and Toledo.


United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is an Island just off the coast of Europe. In the North you will find Scotland with cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. London is one of the most important cities in Europe. It will host the Olympic Games in 2012 and is preparing for that.


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