Pattaya Transport

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In Pattaya city there are a few cheap ways to get around, including songtaews, motorbikes taxi, car and pubic bus transportation. 




This is one of the cheapest pubic transportation in Pattaya. Most songtaews follow established routes and passengers can hop on and off wherever they choose for a fixed rate. The rate is 10 baht.


Pattaya Songthaew taxi at train station

(Songthaew at the Pattaya train station)


The most common songtaew route in Pattaya is the beach circuit that follows Second Road to the Dolphin Circle roundabout and then south along the full length of Beach Road, connecting the loop by traveling east along South Pattaya Road.


Be sure to tell a songtaew driver where you’re headed so as to be sure he’s headed that way, but also ask how much the fare is so that you aren’t charged for a private hire.


Public Bus


A government sponsored public bus system with established rates of 20 baht/trip, 90 baht/day, 180 baht/3-day, and 900 baht/month provides limited service around Pattaya. Many bus-stop signs indicate bus stops that are no longer in use. Brochures with details of the routes/stops are available from bus drivers.


Motorbike Taxi


Less expensive and faster motorbike-taxis are located at various intersections throughout Pattaya, although they can be flagged down while they are driving. Motorbike taxi drivers are easily identified by their colored vests. Foreigners can expect to pay around 30-40 baht for trips around Pattaya Beach.


Motorbike Rental


If you know how to drive a motorbike and keep in count that they drive on the left side then this is the best way to get around Pattaya. The Motorbikes can be rented from many shops, hotels and guesthouese in Pattaya. The rental price should be between 200 – 500 baht  depending on the Motorbike, and don't forget to wear your helmet!


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