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Lopburi is a small town with several temple ruins 150 kilometers north of Bangkok in Thailand. The city is mainly famous for the huge colony of monkeys that hang around the Prang Sam Yot temple and in other parts of the old town. The monkeys are a type of macaque, and even though they might look cute they can be very nasty. Make sure you keep your valuables safe, because the monkeys will grab anything they might find interesting.


Monkeys at the temple in Lopburi

(Monkeys at the Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi)


It used to be an important city in the Khmer empire and for that most temple ruins in the Lopburi are built in the Khmer style. During the Ayutthaya period Lopburi was the second capital of the kingdom and several highly ranked foreign officials lived in the city; many of them used to live at the “Official Residence for Ambassadors or Wichayen House.  


Sunflower fields in Lopburi

(Sunflower fields at Lopburi)


Lopburi is a popular destination for day trippers from Bangkok, especially between November and January when it is sunflower season and you can enjoy the largest sunflower field in Thailand 45 kilometers east of the city. The city can easily be reached by train, bus and minivan.


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