Koh Samet Wat Samet

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In Koh Samet village on Koh Samet Island you will find Wat Koh Samet. It is a nice temple complex with as highlight a big sitting Buddha statue.


 Buddha statue at Wat Koh Samet Travel Mate

(The Big Buddha statue at Wat Koh Samet)


At the statue on most days you will find a friendly monk that can explain you something about the Wat Koh Samet complex. Sometimes he will give visitors some lucky amulets.


Wat Koh Samet Temple - Inside the Temple

(Inside the main Bot at Wat Koh Samet)


If you like the temple, it is possible to make a donation to support the monks and the temple complex. The temple can be accessed from the main road in Koh Samet Village.


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