Koh Phi Phi Maya Beach

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Maya Beach is a beach on Koh Phi Phi Ley. It is the beach where big parts of the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio where filmed. It is an absolute Natural Beaty. Unlike Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley is uninhabited, so you cannot stay in a hotel on the beach. Maya Bay Camping offers tours where you can stay and camp on the Beach for the night.


Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi

(Limestone rocks and clear blue water on Maya Beach)


Maya Bay is very popular by tourists, so don’t expect to find the beach to be as quiet as in the movie. Tours from Phuket and Ton Sai Village head to the Beach every day. If you want to enjoy the beach in a more quiet setting you should try to arrange your own Long Tail Boat and go early in the morning before the crowds arrive.


Note: This year (2018) Maya Beach will be closed for tourism for 3 months in low season. There will bo no trips to the beach from June till September.



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