Bangkok Immigration Office

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Immigration Office Government Center B


Address: 120 Mu 3 Chaeng Watthana Soi 7, Thung Song Hong, Laksi

Tel: +66 (0)-2141-9889

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30–16:30, Lunchbreak: 12:00–13:00 

How to get there: By train to Laksi train station. Minivan to Pakkret.


If you need to extend your visa, or when you have a student visa and need to do your 90 day report you have to go to the Immigration Office at Cheang Wattana road in northern Bangkok.


Note: for those who are intersted we know a reliable visa office in Bangkok that offers student visas (Educational Visa) for 17.000 baht, this does not include the 1900 baht fee you need to pay when you visit the Immigration office every 3 months. You can send us an e-mail at for the contact details.


(Immigration office Chaeng Wattana Bangkok)


Getting to the Immigration office in Bangkok by BTS/Bus/Taxi


The Immigration Office is located quite far from the Bangkok city centre. You can take the BTS to Mo Chit or the MRT to Chatuchak Park and then take a bus or taxi from there. There are minivans leaving from the Chatuchak Park to Chaeng Wattana. The minivan costs 25 baht and you can recognize them from the following Thai signs:


ต10 "จตุจักร-ปากเกร็ด"


The taxi from Mo Chit to the Immigration Office takes about 20 minutes and costs about 100 baht. If you take a taxi from the Sukhumvit area it will be around 200 baht.


When you arrive at the Cheang Wattana street it is still quite a ride to go inside the complex. The Immigration Office is in the last building, the furthest away from the street, so make sure the taxi brings you there. If you end up at the beginning of the street you can get a motorcycle taxi for around 20 baht.


Getting to the Immigration office in Bangkok by train


Lak Si Railway Station is located at the beginning of Chaeng Wattana road, just  5 minutes by motorcycle taxi from the Immigration Office. You can take a train from Hua Lampong Station near China Town or Bang Sue Railway Station in the Chatuchak Area, the train will take between 30 minutes and an hour to reach Lak Si. Trains leave Hua Lampong at 08:20, 08:30, 09:25, 10:05, 10:50, 11:20, 11:40, 12:55 and 14:05. Thera are more trains going to Lak Si, but the last option is 14:05 because the Immigration office closes at 16:00.


The trains leave from Hua Lampong and make a stop at Bang Sue station 20 minutes later before they continue to Lak Si station. Both Hua Lampong and Bang Sue are connected with the MRT network. A ticket from Hua Lampong or Bang Sue to Lak Si costs 20 baht. From Lak Si station you need to take a Motorcycle Taxi to the Immigration office which will take about 5 minutes.


Inside the Bangkok Immigration Center

(The main hall at the Government Building)


The Immigration Office is a big modern building. Inside you can find all the services you need for your visa application. There is a photo shop where you can get your pass photos. A print shop can help you out with getting the copies of different pages in your passport.


The coffee shops in the ground floor Bangkok Immigration

(Some of the Coffee Shops on the ground floor)


On the lower floor of the building there are bank offices off all major Thai banks as well as some coffee shops, a 7 eleven super market and even an Chesters Grill.


Extending a regular visa can be done within 1 hour. If you need to go for a ninety day report you might have to wait for about three hours. Remember that the office has a break from 12:00 till 13:00. Then the officers will not work and you just have to wait. So if you arrive at the Immigration Office at around 11:00, you have to calculate an extra hour of waiting because of the break.


Division 1 at the Immigration Office Bangkok

(The entrance to Division 1 where you can do a visa extension and 90 days report)


We have the contact details of a reliable Visa office in Bangkok that offers Visa runs to the Cambodian Border. This office also offers student visas for around 17.000 baht. Send us an e-mail at for the contact details.




- Immigration Division 1 – Services only for foreigners residing in Bangkok for the following:


- Visa Extension

- Re-entry Permit

- Issue and change visa

- Resident permit

- Resident certificate

- Aliens Registration

- 90 Days Address report


- Please check your VISA expiry date in your passport. (Overstay fine is 500 Baht per day.)


- An Alien granted a temporary stay permit in the Kingdom must give notification of residence to an Immigration office every 90 days of stay or 90 days from the entry date. (Non notification of residence will result in a fine  of 2000 Baht when reported or 4000 Baht when arrested.)


- The notification of residence (every 90 days) is not an extension of the VISA.


- When leaving the Kingdom to keep your stay permit valid, a Re-entry must be made before leaving.


- For your convenience, please apply for a Re-entry Permit as soon as you have obtained your VISA extension.



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