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The most used form of public transport in Bangkok is the bus system. Buses have a fixed route and all have a fixed number. It is a bit difficult traveling by bus as there are no names of destinations mentioned, only in Thai.


Public bus in bangkok - Travel Guide

(Public bus in Bangkok) 




The BTS or Bangkok Transit System is an elevated train that connects the centre of Siam square with the Si Lom area in the South, Sukhumvit at the East and Mo Chit in the North. Trains start running at 06:00 in the morning until 24:00 at night. The BTS has a connection with the Airport Rail link, the MRT underground and the BRT bus lines.


Bangkok Transport BTS train

(The BTS Skytrain in Bangkok)




The MRT or Mass Rapid Transit system is the Bangkok underground. It starts at the Hua Lampong train station in the centre and ends at Bang Sue train station in the North of Bangkok. The MRT runs daily between 06:00 and 24:00. The MRT has a connection with the BTS and the Airport Rail link.




The BRT or Bus Rapid Transit is a bus line that has its own dedicated line. The line starts at Sathorn where there is a connection with Chong Nonsi BTS station. The route follows the Chao Praya river on the South part of Bangkok and crosses it. The last stop is Ratchphreuk.


BRT Bus in Bangkok

(The BRT Bus system in Bangkok)




A very easy and comfortable way of traveling in Bangkok is by Taxi. Taxies are relatively cheap if you compare it to Western cities. Make sure your taxi always uses the meter. They are obligated by law but often taxi drivers try to deal with you. Remember, they will only negotiate a price if they win on it.


Tuk Tuk


The Tuk Tuk is obviously a nostalgic way of traveling in Bangkok, but make no mistake, it is also the most expensive way of traveling as you always have to negotiate with the drivers. Beware the Tuk Tuk scams.


Tuk Tuk in bangkok transport

(Tuk Tuk near Chinatown in Bangkok)


Motor Taxi


At all major stations and road intersections you will find Motor taxies. They where orange vests and bring you to any destination in the area. They are mainly used to bring you further in the street from where you are. It is a cheap way of transport and a fun ride to try.


Chao Praya River Boat


The Chao Praya river boat is a boat taxi that runs along the Chao Praya river. You can take a boat from Saphan Taksin BTS station up north in the direction of the Grand Palace. Just hop on the boat and buy the ticket on the boat, it is the cheapest way.


Khlong Sean Seap Express Boat


The Khlong Sean Seap Espress Boat is a river taxi that runs from next to the Golden Mount all the way past Siam and Sukhumvit. It is the cheapest, fastest and most fun way to get from Kao San Road to Siam square and Sukhumvit. Boats run daily between 05:30 and 08:30.


Airport Rail Link


The new Airport Rail link connects the city with Suvarnabhumi Airport by train. It connects with the Paya Thai BTS station and Petchaburi MRT. The train runs daily between 06:00 and 24:00.


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