Bangkok Apartments

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If you are planning to stay for a longer time in Bangkok you will probably be looking for an apartment or condominium. The city has a wide range of apartment building where you can choose from. The prices for apartments in Bangkok are in general much lower than in for example major European and North American cities.


Room at the Prime 11 in Sukhumvit 11

(Room at the Prime 11 in Sukhumvit 11)


It is possible to find basic studios for around 500 US dollars per month, but there are also 3000 US dollar penthouses available; Bangkok has something for every budget. The standard length of a contract is 12 months, but some owners also rent their rooms out for short term. It is possible to get a 6 month, 3 months or even 1 month contract.


Apartments Grand Park View swimming pool

(Swimming pool at the Grand Park View on Asok road)


The most popular areas for living in Bangkok are the Sukhumvit and Si Lom areas; the prices here are a little bit higher than in other parts of the city, but also all facilities such as restaurants, bars and hospitals are nearby. Popular buildings are for example the Prime11, the Circle and Grand Park View. Most buildings come with modern amenities such as swimming pools and gyms.


The prices per month are a little bit higher when you rent for a shorter term. We at Global Travel Mate have contacts with several apartment owners, so if you are planning to stay in Bangkok for a short period or a longer time, feel free to contact us at We can help you search for an apartment that fits best with your needs. We can help you in the following languages; English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Espanol and Romana.


Apartment Buildings in the Sukhumvit Area:


- Circle Condos (from 18.000 per month)

- Prime 11 (from 25.000 per month)

- Villa Asoke (from 21.000 per month)



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