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There are several visas that permit you to stay in Thailand. If you want to stay longer you can apply for a student visa or business visa. If your stay is short you can either get a visa on arrival or don’t need a visa depending what country you are from.


Good news for the citizens of the countries that are a member of the G7 (Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Uk, Japan and the USA). Since November 2013 you will get a 30 days visa on arrival when you enter Thailand over land.


Student Visa (educational visa)


Visa Type: ED Visa (student)

Valid for: 12 months

Costs: 17000 baht for 1 year


With a student or educational visa (ED Visa) you can stay in Thailand for at least 12 months. The government allows you to stay in Thailand for one year if you are interested in studying Thai. You need to apply for the visa outside Thailand at a Thai embassy. This visa can also be done from Thailand; you just need to make a visa run to Laos.


ED educational visa Thailand

(ED visa obtained at Kuala Lumpur and extension of stay stamp)


We live in Bangkok and know how difficult it is to find good and trustworthy visa information. If you are interested in an ED Visa we know an office in Bangkok that already helped out many visitors of the Global Travel Mate and can be trusted.


They can arrange a student visa for 17.000 baht for 1 year. This visa is ideal for people who live in Bangkok, but if you are staying outside in other parts of Thailand they still might be able to help you. For more information and the contact details of this office, please sent me a message at:


Retirement Visa


If you are 50 years or older and want to live in Thailand; you can apply for a retirement visa. This visa costs 25.000 baht per year. There are some conditions that need to be met to obtain this visa. We know a visa office in Bangkok that can take care of retirement visas for 25.000 baht per year.


For any questions, please contact us at


Visa rules when you enter Thailand


Thailand has some strict visa rules for different countries. We will give you an overview of the latest information about Visa Issues in Thailand (April 2012) If your country is not in one of the following lists, please contact the Thai embassy in your country for more information.


Visa on arrival in Phuket

(Visa on arrival sign at Phuket airport)


Visa on arrival (15 days)


There are 20 nations from which the nationals are eligible to apply for a Visa on arrival. When you arrive you can go to a counter before you exit the customs check and when you meet the requirements and conditions you will get a 15 days entry stamp.  So also when you enter Thailand by air you only get 15 days.


Conditions and Requirement’s


1. Validity of passport not less than 6 months.

2. Return Flight ticket confirmation within 15 days.

3. Tourist purposed.

4. Define address in Thailand.

5. One photo, taken less than 6 months ago.

6. That you are not excluded from entering into the Kingdom under section 12 of the Immigration Act. B.E’ 2522.

7. Having appropriate means of living (10.000 baht or 250 US$/per person, 20.000 baht or 500 US$ family).

8. Application fee 1,000 baht /person.


The Nationals of the  following countries can apply for a 15 day visa on arrival:


1. Andorra 2. Bulgaria 3. Bhutan 4.China 5. Cyprus 6. Estonia 7. Ethiopia 8. Kazakhstan 9. India 10. Latvia 11. Lithuania 12. Mauritius 13. Malta 14. Maldives 15. Romania 16. San Marino 17. Saudi Arabia 18. Taiwan 19. Ukraine 20. Uzbekistan


No visa requirements


There are 47 countries from which the Nationals may enter Thailand without a visa. Those arriving without visas are given an entry stamp for 15-days (arrival by land) or 30 days (arrival at an airport):


The Nationals of the following countries may enter Thailand without a visa: 


1. Australia 2. Austria 3. Belgium 4. Brazil 5. Bahrain 6. Brunei 7. Canada 8. Czech Republic 9. Denmark 10. Finland 11. France 12. Germany 13. Greece 14. Hong Kong  15. Indonesia 16. Ireland 17. Israel 18. Italy 19. Japan 20. Kuwait 21. Liechtenstein 22. Luxembourg 23. Macau 24. Malaysia 25. Netherlands 26. New Zealand 27. Norway 28. Peru 29. Philippines 30. Poland 31. Portugal 32. Quatar 33. Singapore 34. Slovak Republic 35. Slovenia 36. Spain 37. South Africa 38. South Korea 39. Sweden 40. Switzerland 41. Turkey 42. United Arab Emirates 43. United Kingdom 44. United States of America 45. Vietnam. 46. Iceland


The Nationals of the following countries will get a 30 days tourist visa on arrival:


1. Germany 2. Canada 3. Italy 4. United Kingdom 5. Japan 6. France 7. United States


(Latest update November 2013)


Immigration offices in Thailand:


- Immigration Office Bangkok

- Immigration Office Koh Samui

- Immigration Office Pattaya

- Immigration Office Phuket




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