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Taiwan is a mountainous Island 160 kilometers east of mainland China. Most people live on the east coast of the country because the central area and west coast is too mountainous.


Skyline of Taipei with the Taipei 101

(The skyline of Taipei with the Taipei 101)


On the northern tip of the island lays Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan and the political centre of the country. Taipei is rich in cultural heritage. Manka is an important area with its old temples, old streets and narrow gates. Visit the famous Longshan temple. Taipei is also home to the second largest skyscraper in the world, the Taipei 101.


The Longshan temple in Lugang - Taiwan temples

(The Longshan temple in Lugang)


On the east coast in the centre of Taiwan you will find Lugang. This historical city has many old buildings built by the Dutch and Chinese during the Qing Dynansty when it was the only port that could trade with mainland China.


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