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The ancient city of Bhatkapur or Bhadgaon is a major tourist attraction in Nepal. Situated 14km east of Kathmandu, Bhatkapur is perched on a hill at an altitude of 1,401m. With its red brick houses, charming paved roads and a way of life that goes back to medieval times a visit to Bhatkapur feels like going back in time.


Bhatkapur is also famous for pottery and woodcarvings which can be seen at windows and squares all over the city.



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(Street in Bhaktapur)



Durbar Square



The exceptionally Durbar Square with its Golden Gate, the Batsala Devi Temple and the extraordinary Palace of Fifty-Five windows reflects the glory days of the Malla Dynasty. Other sites in and around the Durbar Square include the Yaksheswor Mahadev

Temple, the Chyasin Mandap, Siddhi Laxmi Temple, Shiva Temple, Vatsala Temple, Bhandarkhal Complex, Chatu Brahma Mahavihar, Indrayani Temple, Balakhu Ganesh Temple, Tripura-sundari Temple and the Char Dham.



Taumadhi Square



In and around the Taumadhi Square you can find the Nyatapola Temple, the Bhairavnath Temple as well as a Pottery Square and the Temple of Jeth Ganesh.



Dattatreya Square




Many of Bhaktapur's Hindu monasteries, temples and museums are located around the Dattatreya Square such as the Dattatreya Temple, the Wane Layaku complex, the Pujari Math that houses the Woodcarving Museum and the Chikanpha Math with the Brass and Bronze Museum.

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