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Bagan or Pagan is ancient city in Myanmar packed with temples, pagodas and shrines. In total there are more than 3000 religious buildings in Bagan spread out over an area of 42 square kilometers. It is said that there are even more then 4000 temples, but some of them are merely piles of rubble.


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Bagan is actually the largest area of Buddhist temples in the world. The city is built on a plane and when you manage to climb one of the temples you can see stupa’s until the horizon. It is a spectacular sight.


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(Temples, stupas and pagodas as far you can see)


The central area in Bagan is Old Bagan. Most important temples are built around and inside the old city walls. Old Bagan also houses some interesting museums.


Nyaung U and New Bagan are small cities where you can find guesthouses and hotels. Nyaung U has an airport and the train also arrives there.


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