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Myanmar as a country is opening up to the world as an amazing tourist destination in Asia. Since 2011 when the nobel peace laureate Aung Sang Su Kyi was released from 17 years of house arrest and the visit of president Obama to the country in November 2012 much has changed.


If you want to visit Myanmar, you need a visa in advance, there is no possibility to get a visa on arrival unless it was organized as part of a package tour with your travel agency (June 2013). It is best to obtain a visa at the Myanmar Embassy in your country. At the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok it is possible to get a visa on the same day.


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When you travel to Myanmar you have to make sure you take US dollars with you to exchange. There are ATM machines, but they only give very small amounts of money and only major hotels can handle credit cards, but outside these hotels you cannot use them. Things are changing very rapidly in Myanmar, we try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but things can change while we are writing this at the moment, so please keep that in mind, especially prices can change every 3 months.




Yangon or Rangoon is the biggest city in Myanmar. Yangon has the largest number of colonial buildings of any cities in South East Asia. The reason many old buildings survive is that the economy of Myanmar is not growing as fast as that of its neighbours.


Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Rangoon) Myanmar (Burma)

(the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon)




Mandalay is considered the centre of Burmese culture and was the last royal capital of Burma. Most religious sites in Mandalay can be found on Mandalay mountain.




Bagan or Pagan is a 42 square kilometer large site with over 2200 temples. It can rival with sights such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Not for the individual beauty of the temples, but for the collective that they form.


Sky Lake Resort Inle Lake

(At the Sky Lake Resort on Inle Lake)


Inle Lake


Inle Lake is a 22 kilometers long lake at the center of Myanmar. People live on and around the lake and especially the fisherman that work on the lake are an amazing sight.


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