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Langkawi is an archipelago in the most Northern part of Malaysia. From the Northern beaches of Langkawi Island you can see Tarutao and Koh Lipe in Thailand. Langkawi is a popular holiday destination because it has some of the best beaches in Malaysia.


Pantai Cenang Beach Langkawi Island - Travel Guide

(Pantai Cenang Beach the most popular beach on Langkawi Island)


The North Eastern part of the Island is mainly a nature reserve with high karts mountains surrounded by mangrove forests. There are several companies that organize tours here and it should not be missed.


Langkawi Mangrove forrest and Karst Mountains - Travel Guide

(During a Mangrove tour on the North Eastern part of Langkawi)


There are 104 islands in the Langkawi archipelago. A popular way to enjoy a relaxed day on a lonely Island beach is doing an Island drop where you basically get dropped on an Island and picked up later in the day.


View of the Islands at the cable Car in Langkawi - Travel Mate

(View from the Langkawi cable car station)


Kuah Town


Kuah Town is the main city on the Island of Langkawi. This is where the ferries from the mainland arrive. You will find the Eagle Square in Kuah Town.


Tips on what to do in Langkawi:


1. Take a ride on the Cable Car


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