Luang Prabang Wat That Chomsi

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Wat That Chomsi is a temple located at the top of Mount Phu Si in the Phu Si Area in Luang Prabang town. This stupa was built in 1804 during the reign of King Anourouth. Wat That Chomsi has become a symbol of Luang Prabang’s spiritual significance to Laos. During the Pimai Festival, women carry flowers offerings up the stairs and leave them as offerings at the foot of the stupa.


Wat That Chomsi in Luang Prabang LKaos

(Wat That Chomsi at Luang Prabang in Laos)


From the top of Mount Phou Si you have an amzing view of the city. In the foreground you will see the National Museum and roofs of the many Buddhist temples. In the distance, the Mekong and Khan rivers are set against the dramatic mountain backdrop.


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