Luang Prabang Hotels

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Most hotels and guesthouses in Luang Prabang are situated in the Old Quarter and East of Phu Si Mountain. Some hotels are situated in nice old colonial houses. The hotels in the Old Quarter are generally a bit more expensive than in other parts.


Guesthouse in nice colonial building

(Guesthouse in nice Colonial house in Luang Prabang)


If you are looking for more affordable guesthouses you might have a look at the Eastern side of Phu Si.


Hotels and Guesthouses in the Old Quarter:


- Sopha House price range 15-40 USD

- Riverside Guesthouse price range 25-60 USD

- Villa Chitdara price range: 40-60 USD

- Belle Rive Boutique Hotel price range 100-180 USD


Guesthouses and hotel south of Phu Si:


- Villa Merry No 1 price range 25-50 USD

- Ban Lao Hotel price range 25-90 USD

- Rama Hotel price range from 35 USD


Tip: Agoda offers very good deals on Hotels and Guesthouses in Luang Prabang. Often cheaper then when you book it directly with the hotel.



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