Xi an Terracotta Warriors

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Close to Xi’an you find the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang and with him the Terra-cotta army. The army is consisting of more than 7,000 life-sized terra-cotta warriors and horses and they are listed as the Eighth Wonder of the World.


Xi an Terracotta army China

(The Terracotta Army near Xi'an)


The tomb is a rammed-soil mound reaching approximately 154 feet into the air. In 1974, three large pits of terra-cotta figures were found about 1 mile east of the mausoleum. The excavation revealed more than 7,000 pieces of pottery figurines, bronze chariots and horses and weapons. Three burial pits were found.


The No. 1 pit contains a rectangular formation of chariots and army troops; the No. 2 pit holds a winding formation of chariots, army troops and cavalries; and the No. 3 pit designed to symbolize a command headquarters.


The Museum of Emperor Qin Shihuang's Tomb Figures of Soldiers and Horses is one of the 10 most famous places in China, and was announced as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO




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