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Macau in China used to be Portuguese territory, but 1999 the city was returned to China and now it is a Special Administrative Region (SAR), just like Hong Kong. It is the most densely populated place to live in the world and famous as Asia’s main gambling destination.


Macau has many historical sites; most of them are located on the Peninsula. The historic center of the city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you walk through the center of Macau you have the feeling that you are visiting Lisbon or Porto in Portugal. There are many churches, temples and fortresses.


Remains of St Pauls Cathedral in Macau

(The ruins of the St Paul's Cathedral in Macau)


Macau is divided in four different regions. First you have the peninsula with its old city center and then there is Taipa Island where the airport is located and Coloane Island. Between Coloane and Taipa Island the district of Cotai was reclaimed from the sea.


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