Siem Reap Smile of Angkor

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Address: Siem Reap Exhibition Center AngkorCOEX

Admission: US$ 48 to US$68 incl. dinner buffet

Tel:+855(0)63 655 0168

Showtime: daily, show from 19:30 to 20:40, buffet dinner from 18:00-19:30

How to get there: just north of the Apsara roundabout on Apsara Road


The 'Smile of Angkor' Grand Epic Show in Siem Reap is a show about the history and culture of Cambodia. Dancers from the Cambodian Royal Ballet as well as from China immerse you to the time when the Temples of Angkor were built.


Building Angkor Wat at Smiles of Angkor Show

(Building Angkor Wat)


It was said that there are 54 towers with 216 faces of Avolokitesvara in the Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom, but only one of them is smiling. The storyline of the 'Smile of Angkor' show is build around the question why only one of those faces smiles.


Gods and Demons at Smiles of Angkor Show

(the dancers are bringing gods and demons alive)


Smile of Angkor is a high technology laser show with modern lighting and sound system. It combines ancient Cambodian songs and dances with ancient Khmer martial art performances, acrobatics, legends, local Khmer life, the temples of Angkor, Khmer festivals and the Hindu myth Churning the Sea of Milk.


Apsara Dancers at the Smiles of Angkor Show

(The famous Apsara Dance)


The Smile of Angkor Show is shown in the Siem Reap Exhibition Center AngkorCOEX, which is located just north of the Apsara roundabout on Apsara Road near the Charles de Gaulle Boulevard.


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